Chelsea Club - new 12 stories condominium apartment building, Manhattan, NYC
Architect: Karl Fisher Architect 

166 Montague St, Brooklyn
Conversion of an existing ten-story landmark in Brooklyn Heights Historic District, the 50,000 sq. ft. former Franklin Trust office building to mixed use occupancy including residential condominiums and commercial/office spaces.
Architect: RKT&B Architects

Harlem United Supportive Housing Services Fund, NYC
New 16,000 SqFt nine-story building for special need living with residential apartments and client support offices.
Architect: Cogen Architect
New 12-unit residential building, NYC  
Architect: HustvedtCutler Architects

Kent Avenue Development, Brooklyn
M ulti-building site featuring two residential and one commercial buildings.
Architect: HustvedtCutler Architects
Salem House - New 58,000 sq.ft., 7-story affordable housing apartment building with commercial and community spaces,
Manhattan, NYC

Architect: RKT&B Architects, P.C.

Cambridge Mews, Riverdale, Bronx
New 8-story multi-family building. .  

Architect: The Building Studio Architects

Pacific Avenue, Brooklyn
Luxury multi-family building with full size swimming pool.
Architect: The Loading Dock